I’m very happy to announce 5 new additions to the Singer family, The M series. With machines from basic through to more advance we have everything to cover your sewing needs. And the machines are extremely affordable too with prices ranging from only R 2,099.00. Click here for more information http://www.singersa.com/products/domestic-machines.

These machines are now available on www.takealot.com.

Things to note:

More and more people are being scammed by internet fraud. Please always be 100% sure of the source you are buying from, check for contact details and if they are not local then avoid avoid avoid! There are many sites which claim to be Singer, offering machines for crazy prices such as R600. If it looks too good to be true then it usually is. Machines purchased on these sites are NEVER received and you will NEVER get your money back.

Please also note that products bought outside of SA do not hold a warranty with us, the plugs will not be the same voltage and the whole board will need to be changed before you can use the machine here. The costs involved are often more than the discount that these websites offer so buying abroad does not benefit. This includes reputable sites such as Amazon too!

Please always buy local!

If you would like to order online please do so via www.takealot.com

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